Bowen Therapy

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Maurizia Ferrari

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What is Bowen Therapy?

In bodywork whether it is an adjustment, massage, or manipulation, often the focus is on full contact from a therapist to a client. However from the Bowen perspective the focus is on something much more subtle: it's on the brain’s ability to sort out functional errors when the correct clues are provided.

It is unique: it combines sets of moves to ensure that the connective tissue surrounding all organs and muscles in the body is relaxed. There is no manipulation or force used in any of the moves. The pressure used is often described as eye-ball pressure; its gentle touch makes this technique suitable to use with newborn babies, elderly and fragile people.

It can be performed through light clothing whilst the client lies on a bed, although treatment can be carried out just as effectively in a chair.

The practitioner will treat your whole body to re-balance the autonomic nervous system which controls over 80% of bodily functions, and allows the body to relax and heal.

How can Bowen help you

Years of experience and many happy clients have proved that Bowen Therapy can often help with:

Neck and Shoulder, Back pain, Arthritis, Migraine, Painful periods, Asthma, Sport related injuries, General relaxation and body balancing, Promotion of health and well-being.

About Maurizia

In the past twenty years I have been passionate about complementary therapies. I began with Shiatsu massage in the early '90s and in 2006 I discovered the Bowen Technique where I trained with the European College of Bowen Studies.

Over the years I have been practicing Bowen, this technique has been constantly revealing its powerful and sometimes unexpected results, strengthening my core belief that it is an incredible therapy for our bodies allowing the healing to come from within, thanks to the ability of our own brain to establish what course of action the body will need to take in order to re-balance the physical and emotional well-being.

I view the treatment as an interaction between my client and I, and I believe a core component of my work is listening to my client to find the cause of the problem. I have had the pleasure of working with many clients who have confirmed the strong results and reliefs facilitated by Bowen. In 2008, I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer as a Bowen practitioner in a small Thai Hospital, and the excellent result of the Bowen work done over a period of three months was astounding.

For further information and appointments please contact Maurizio as above.

Financial assistance for the cost of treatment may be available from Healthworks "Access to Health Fund." For a short application form contact the charity's secretary at

The Bowen Technique is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

If in doubt, please consult your doctor.