I would like to spotlight ongoing monthly meetings for men who have experienced sexual abuse. To be held in Elgin they are facilitated by Relationship counsellor and founder of Men In Recovery, Stephen Linturn.

Stephen is a relationship counselling colleague of mine and his work in supporting, helping men who have been sexually abused is admirable. Sensitive, skilful and pragmatic, Stephen, an experienced therapist, offers valuable and badly needed help to men who are in recovery.

The first meeting will take place in Elgin on Saturday, June 24,9.30 to 12.30 pm and the price is £15 for those who can afford it, and a sliding scale for those who can't.

Intended as a drop-in group it is hoped the group will run monthly. If you are interested, please contact Stephen on to book your place and for details about the venue . Men In Recovery is a registered Scottish Charity. Raising awareness about male sexual abuse and supporting men on their journey to wholeness

Michael Hawkins, Healthworks Counsellor


The next three meetings for men will be in Elgin as well, they are on Saturdays, October 21st and November 25th and December 16th, 9.30-12.30pm, same price per meeting with concessions on request.


Men in Recovery is a charity based in Kinloss whose aim is to support men with a history of sexual abuse. Founded by Stephen Linturn, the organisation has moved from almost unknown to the acknowledged resource for the area through their recent activities and through providing well researched information on their website The website will be re-launched in August in an even more user-friendly format.

As part of their mission Men in Recovery offers workshops and trainings for practitioners and therapists. Two training events in Elgin and Inverness this year have been very successful and now the team is heading east to offer another Training Day with Duncan Craig as presenter from Survivors Manchester.

Many participants have been satisfied and inspired by the recently offered trainings. Here some of the feedback given after the events:

'Excellent speaker, good mix of theoretical framework, experiential work and content. A difficult, sensitive subject handled in a down to earth, humorous way, without belittling the subject matter. I enjoyed Duncan’s honesty as a speaker, the mix of humour, grittiness and seriousness. His own experiences brought a real authenticity to the day.'
Dolina Grant, Person Centred Counsellor

'Duncan was absolutely inspirational, clear, succincht, intuitive. A lot of information packed into one day, excellent facilitation.'

'An excellent presentation, passionate, informed and inspiring. Duncan was giving good tips and modelling where we need to go. The given information and the taboo busting have been of high value. My expectations have been more than met.'
Peter Lloyd, Process Work Psychotherapist

The next training (originally planned for Oct 7th) needed to be postponed and is now happening on January 20th, 2018 at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen (see - poster - for more details). The charity hopes to reach many professionals on the east coast of Scotland and to improve the level of knowledge and confidence amongst participants with their provided information.

Christine Hartmann